This is a 4-part Series (1hr each) where Microsoft Experts walk you through the vision and strategy of "Modern Work", powered by Microsoft Teams.  We'd LOVE to have you join us for all Four sessions to ensure you walk away experiencing the full value of Microsoft Teams covering...

 Modern Meetings (5/19)  (**happened on 5/19**)

Modern Collaboration (**happened on 5/21**) 

Modern Extensibility (5/26) 

Modern Security and Compliance (5/28).   

 Please register (below) for each event!      

Everyone wins... some win BIG!


We will give away a "Teams" branded (and personalized) WOBO Wallet to one lucky attendee at the conclusion of each 4 sessions!

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EVERY ATTENDEE will receive an amazing Sugarwish gift from Microsoft after the first event you attend.

 Rules & Details 


Each time YOU join one of the 4 sessions, you increase your chance of winning the Surface Laptop we'll give away after the series is complete! 

 Rules & Details 

Modern Meetings | May 19th | 11am-12pm (EST)

Modern Meetings are super important to Modern Work, especially now that most of us are working Remotely!   Come see why Microsoft Teams offers the most Modern Meetings on the planet!   Lots of demos, including mobile experiences, room systems, whiteboarding, etc.   

COMING AGAIN IN JUNE! (Check back for details)

Modern Collaboration | May 21st | 11am-12pm (EST)

Meetings are super important, but let's face it, we need to get stuff done too!   :-)   Come see how Microsoft Teams offers the most Modern Collaboration experiences to organizations!   Again, lots of demos!  


 COMING AGAIN IN JUNE! (Check back for details 

Modern Extensibility (Power Platform) | May 26 | 11am-12pm (EST)

Modern extensibility is all about extending Teams to bring additional value to your organization leveraging our Power Platform.   Many Demos to show you the art of the possible.

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Modern Security and Compliance | May 28th | 11am-12pm (EST)

While we're working, you want to ensure you're offering the most secure & compliant experience to your employees!  Come see Microsoft experts demonstrate amazing security & compliance capabilities through the lens of Microsoft Teams!